Mexico surf camp

Mexico Surf Camp - About us

The reason we call this a Mexican Surf Adventure is due to your host Juan (aka John), whose life is a non-stop adventure you are invited to join. If Juan’s not surfing, then he’s either out fishing, free diving with his spear gun, or towing in surfers with his jet ski on the biggest days.

Juan has lived in the Nexpa area for the past 20 years guiding tourists on experiences of their lifetime!  He has expert knowledge of the area to make the right choices on any given day. He has also trained in advanced lifesaving courses. This is a family run business that includes Juan’s local wife Alfa, and their two surfing sons Pablo and Marco. They welcome you to come and join their family.

The person writing this has been a good friend of Juan’s for many years.  All I can say is that if you come down and join Juan on an adventure, you will be glad you did! He is one of the most entertaining persons that I have come across in my lifetime of travels and is a true waterman…

Some pics of your host, man of action Juan: Surfing, fishing, with his 2 boys, spear fishing, cooking by fire, and towing in one of his regular customers on big waves. Do you want an adventure of a lifetime with Juan?